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Zenebona is about the magic that music brings into our life.
It is an underground, experimental electronic music label, a community that focuses on what truly matters: delivering the finest deep house & electronica tracks to our audience.


Zenebona is an underground record label, started in 2019 and led by Peter Makto (alias Dandy) who is the head of the famous music group Truesounds.

When Peter contacted me he’ve sent me covers of the upcoming releases of the label, and told me that he is in a need of a logo but doesn’t have anything in his mind, just bulletin points and the covers. The covers where minimalistic and surrealistic, hand drawn images, really artistic ones.

He have asked me to design a nice looking “light” logo, with an ibiza party style mentality, but needed to use the covers as criteria. 

After some research I have told him that I could imagine some kind of mascot which could easily identify the label as a logo, maybe a  dancing stickman, or something else. He really loved the dancing stickman idea, but it was hard to fit it in the image of the label so I have made more researches before I came up with the final version.


The first point that was in front of me was Art. The covers were arty, music is a part of art, and so on. When we think of art we usually go back in time and think about artists who lived centuries ago. One of the biggest names are Leonardo Da Vinci, and that’s when one of his famous work came us an example – The Vitruvian Man.

Here’s where the magic happens:

Added a slight curve on the body, so it literally looks like the thing is dancing. The head of the logo shows the euphoria that music can cause by the listener. Our favorite part of the logo is that we are planning to use it as a projection at parties : If we take out 2 legs and 2 arms per frame from the body then we can cause the stickman to dance to the rhythm, which makes a fantastic result of our cooperation . 


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