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Yoga4everyonelse is a small but fast growing Yoga Startup from New York, USA lead by Austin Chason.

Austin have contacted me with the subject of designing a logo for the company. He made some request by his side, which I have used later in the designing process.

So the main point – I took the information and examples that he have gave me : I have used an example for minimalism and shapes, and he gave me a sketch of a  meditating looking shape which I have  reworked, and placed in the middle.

I wanted something minimalistic, something  more elegant. I have used irregular shapes for the design of the main figure, to loose that “perfection” effect which would cause that feminine  style that Austin have asked to loose, which is common thing in the world of Yoga. The figure is sitting in Lotus position, and it’s legs forms the infinity symbol. The main figure can be viewed also as the 5th petal of the Lotus. The main figure was modeled after Buddha. I know that buddhism/yoga is a bit different but meditation and relaxation is mostly associated with the buddha figure, that’s why I have chose it as model. I wanted to make it more personified, so I have drawn 1 eye, the nose, and the mouth – to be more person-oriented, to show the calmness, relaxation and the inner peace that meditation could give. That’s why has it a bit of heart-shaped head, to a bit more friendly . The hand gestures are the Abhayamudra, which s a mudrā (gesture) that is the gesture of reassurance and safety, which dispels fear and accords divine protection and bliss in many Indian religions.


TYCQ was great to work with! I hired him to design my company logo. He was fast to respond, had stellar designs. Will definitely work with him again – Austin


Austin Chason




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