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In the past years I have operated under dozens of various aliases. None of them were the real for me, until I have chose to build my business under my nickname that I got back in high school.

So literally I had to brand myself, but this is a common thing in this field.

The logo that I have created was made in about an hour on first try. No sketches , no grids, nothing at all, just free hand and the imagination.

The logo itself is an abstract, minimalistic and irregular shape resembling the letter T which is the first letter of my first name. Rotating the shape in 90 degrees clockwise we get all of the letters – T,Y,C,Q – from my nickname in order.

This is the first one that I can identify myself with 100%, so I will keep it for a long time.




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  • Mr. ZoZo

    August 17, 2018

    Great stuff! Love it.

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