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The Sky is the Limit.


Everybody knows that Mission Impossible scene when Tom Cruise drops himself down the rope.

Well, Alpin Technology is “almost” something like that.

I have had the opportunity to work together with the company on previous projects in the past where I have designed logos and other various type of creatives for their businesses. This time I was asked to design a logo for their main project “Alpin Technológia” a family business for more than 20 years.

I have designed various types of logos for the company, the one below is my favourite.  – Wanted to keep it stylish, minimal and fresh to show professionalism that they are providing in their area to their audience, which are market leading large corporations. The logo represents the company name, focusing on the first “A” and the last “N” letters , in style of a mountain –  because of the heights they need to deal with every single day.






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