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S03 “musiq” instagram series has launched!

With the launch of Season 3 I had many paths to go on in front of me , so I have decided to choose music as a topic and launched my miniseries “musiq” on Instagram where I make tributes, fan arts, and other type of stuff to some of the musicians I love or the ones who I respect.

Most of the works will be featured in one of my shops where you’ll be able to buy them as prints.


Here you can see the first 3 Episodes made for two metal icons Slayer and Pantera, and one for the legendary hip-hop guru Snoop Dogg:



This one had a great feedback, even from Gary Holt who’t the band Guitarist.



Snoop Dogg


A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon


Tha Doggfather ?@snoopdogg musiq 003 – @tycq_x #snoopdogg #doggpound #snoop #weed #doberman #dog #weed #hiphop #photoshop #graphicdesign #westcoast #rap #pot #420 #music #musiq @panteraofficial

T Y C Q (@tycq_x) által megosztott bejegyzés,


You can find more of my edits and stuff on my instagram by clicking here.

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