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Don't use fiverr

Why not to use any freelancer sites.


If you are a wannabe freelancer or entrepreneur then I’m recommending this article for you.

There are various type of freelancing websites all around the internet, like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com and so on.

Why I want you to forget these sites:

Freelancers : 

You will work for pennies. Your work are worthless there.  If you are trying to sell more premium services then you always need to brand yourself. 5 Dollars for a logo? Come on.

You won’t leave that area, and won’t earn more money if you don’t invest anything in yourself. Try to build a website, or hire someone who can do it for you. It worths much more. If you are looking forward to use these type of sites to advertise then you’ll feel yourself like you are on the meat market. Freelancers are biding their rates under each others just to get some beer money. It’s a joke.


Same to you that I have mentioned above. You won’t get that high quality service that someone with a better background can do for you. Don’t even call yourself an entrepreneur if you want to get a logo for 5 USD-s. Like yeah, i want to earn 1000 Dollars in 2 weeks, but all I want to invest is 5 dollars for a logo and 30 dollars on the hosting. Good luck with it. You are looking forward to build a Ferrari type of Luxury looking brand from absolute zero.


Remember: A good quality service will always cost you money. If you can give out thousands of dollars for the latest iPhone, than you can invest more money in the services too that you want to sell.

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