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When modern meets the old days.

With its almost 10 year long history, KIOSK the restaurant with a laid-back, metropolitan atmosphere situated in the heart of Budapest became the embodiment of quality, reliability and high quality gastronomic services. A meeting point of the community, to which everybody can connect, and where everybody can relax and have a good time. Whether they are children, students, businesspeople, couples or large families, they will all feel welcome. KIOSK is a perfect alternative for any time of the day.


During the meeting I had with the face behind KIOSK, Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter a 40 year old gastro entrepreneur from Budapest I was asked to design something fancy, something fresh for their New Years Eve Party which plays one of the main roles in their “Event-Catalogue”, while keeping the atmosphere Budapest in this style – showing the “Timeless” part of it. This was the first time where I have created a whole branding for an event. A mixture with a lot of different style elements.  I have created many various social media, and online content and a lot of print designs such as Drink cards and coupons.


“Old Days” : The main figure of the creative is our best known poet Sándor Petőfi  who played one of the main roles during the 15th of March 1848’s Revolution , with the building of the Parlament in the back.

“Modern” : I have given free hand to design, so I have chose some neon colors and sort of a psychedelic vibes to create the image.


The design and concept received acclaim, and had a warm welcome from the client and the audience also.



KIOSK Budapest



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