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Personal project, created as a part of a brand that I’ve been thinking about for years now. If you are interested some items with this design can be found in my shop for purchase.

Had this idea of mine, to cross path between the infamous mafia godfather Lucky Luciano with the illustration style of the 1920’s cartoons and comics. 

Luciano rose to power in the late 20’-s and early 30’-s, with reorganizing the Italian crime families around the US, which led to the birth of the modern Mafia a.k.a La Cosa Nostra (This Thing of ours). 

This was the main source of my vision, to recreate the portrait of the mafioso in style of the cartoons that were around that time. Maybe even Luciano was a fan of Betty Boop, Popeye or Mickey Mouse. Who knows. 

The usage of the picture without any permission is prohibited.

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