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My first bigger collaboration was with Meex, one of the biggest and most professional event organizers in the country.

Their main event at the time was Fridge Festival, a winter extreme sport and music festival held in Budapest.

5 designers worked together day n night to create the online and print media stuff things for the festival. Flags, billboards,Snowboard decks, illustrations, various ad-type things, facebook apps, and so on. I was the one who took part in the core media team during the festival, where we worked in the backstage, organizing everything together piece by piece. We have made different type of reports on online media sources, and creating the graphics was my main task for them, and to find out several type of online marketing solutions and ideas with the rest of the team.

We strictly needed to keep ourselves to the color palette by Monster Energy™ who was the main sponsor of the festival. The branding were created by the designers of Meex. I have only had about 5 free hand graphics during that time (my own ideas), and 1 of those were really useful here on my portfolio page.

I didn’t wanted to upload any others because I don’t want to take credit of the work of others, and take it as mine. The concepts weren’t made by me , although I have created dozens of images during that period.

At my time at Meex I have also worked on different project of theirs, like : Snowattack, Winter Break (ski-, snowboard- and music festivals), PlayIT (IT and Gamer event) – where I had to create the promotional graphics for Microsoft™. I have also had a short lived collaboration with Famous MGMT , a partner of Meex. I have created some social media and promotional images for Julia Carpenter who was the no. 1. Djane in Hungary at the time.





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