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Hello Everyone, I have decided that I will follow the current Hype, and I will create some NFTs. I will follow the direction that my style represents, and will provide quality work for their holders. The selected NFTs are listed below. Click on them for further details. Candy   Vulpes (The Fox)   Balance   4   The Nothing   Subsconcious   I will keep them updated frequently, and more to come soon.

Music could be a great inspiration for me . Bands, genres, anything related to music are some sort of sources while I'm doing my works. But I have many musicians/producers/event organizers/night clubs on my client lists , so I need to . I've had this idea of mine for a long time. I've wanted to do this crossover/mashup whatsoever

I was asked by a client of mine to create some T-shirt designs for her new fashion brand. I will share with you more information later about it. The designs follow the aesthetic - vaporwave - pixelart combo mostly with some neon and inspiration of the style of MTV in the '90-s. Share the thoughts of yours about this project.